A Community Capacity Building Approach to Addressing the Opioid Crisis in Rural Counties Across Minnesota

opioid outreach

The Focus

FocusThe focus of this project is to develop and uplift community-based solutions to the opioid crisis and community capacity building with partners most impacted by the opioid crisis in rural Minnesota.

The Partnerships

PartnershipsThis project brings together expertise from the University of Minnesota Extension, Center for Family Development and Center for Community Vitality, and the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy, Duluth and works cooperatively with dedicated local partners on the front line of facing the opioid crisis in rural Minnesota.

Community partners include Aitkin County Health & Human Services, Itasca County Health & Human Services, north St. Louis County Public Health, and Pine County Public Health & Human Services, as well as several Minnesota Tribal Nations, to promote community protective factors and reduce the impact of risk factors to prevent opioid use and support sustained recovery.

The project utilizes the theory of Recovery Capital as the basis of its work and will develop a local community leadership group of Change Makers, increased capacity in local recovery organizations, a Framework for assessing community Recovery Capital and a Toolkit for creating Recovery Capital in rural communities

The Approach

ApproachThe approach of this project is to collectively build on existing partnerships with local, regional, state, and national agencies to enhance opioid prevention efforts and build systems and supports to reduce overdoses and expand understanding and options for treatment.

The Framework

frameworkTo effectively and sustainably address the opioid crisis in rural communities by providing supports and building capacity for individuals, families and communities. These supports (or their absence) are Recovery Capitals and when high, individuals and communities are better able to prevent opioid misuse and effectively maintain long-term recovery and sobriety.