Sharing Our Stories: C.O.P.E. Story Maps

C.O.P.E. Brings Hope to Minnesota (State-wide story map)

Story Map screenshot

The C.O.P.E. Project, is designed to leverage the strengths and address the needs of specific rural and Tribal communities across Minnesota. The project team coordinates with community partners and Extension Educators to incorporate pre-existing projects and new endeavors to address opioid use disorder and overdose in the state of Minnesota. View and interact with the C.O.P.E. Brings Hope to Minnesota story map.

A Community Committed to Recovery (St. Louis County story map)

Story map screenshot

In St. Louis County, Minnesota, supporting recovery and treatment for those struggling with substance misuse is a top priority. Traditional treatment programs alone are not enough to sustain long-term recovery. Communities and organizations across St. Louis County are joining forces to support long-term, holistic recovery. See the story map to find out more about recovery in St. Louis County.


Bridging Strength in Treatment and Recovery (Aitkin County story map)

Map of Aitkin county showing percentages of households with a vehicle

In Aitkin County, substance misuse treatment and recovery is a community affair. Like other rural areas, the community in Aitkin county is devoted to addressing their unique needs of people living with the consequences of the opioid epidemic. To learn more, visit the Aitkin County story map.

More story maps to come!