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What We Do: Community Engaged Work

Develop innovative approaches to opioid prevention and intervention with Native communities.
The American Indian Resource and Resiliency Team (AIRRT) was created to support the needs of our Tribal communities. With Tribal partners, the AIRRT co-creates culturally responsive holistic health education and resources to address the opioid overdose crisis in Native communities.

Meeting community where they are at.
Our partners play a critical role in helping to provide knowledge of the unique local environment in each community. They connect the project to key stakeholders in each county and identify the specific technical assistance, training and education needs of each community.

Power of TRUE partnerships. 
Having partnerships that are embedded in mutual trust and respect is critical to our work. Being present and actively engaging with community partners allow for the needs of the community to drive our collective work.

Supporting Community Driven Change.
Local community members participated in leadership retreats to help identify ways to spark innovative ideas for social change around recovery and SUDs in their communities. Over 30 interested community members submitted proposals to participate in a Changemaker retreat that provided the support, tools and resources needed to grow and learn about how they could be leaders in creating change in their communities around recovery.