Recovery Capitals

Recovery capitals are five different types of support that can help with recovery from substance use disorder (SUD).  

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Social recovery capital 

  • People (family, friends, co-workers, healthcare providers, neighbors, etc.) who support your recovery
  •  A social network of like-minded sober individuals who are also in recovery

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Physical recovery capital

  • Safe housing, reliable transportation, or access to healthy food -- things that meet your basic needs 


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Cultural recovery capital

  • Your recovery process is actively supported with culturally-based or culturally-relevant care
  • Tribal nations and communities are leaders in harnessing the power of cultural traditions to support recovery


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Community recovery capital

  • Places in your community that can help with recovery like residential and outpatient SUD treatment facilities, behavioral health clinics, and prescribers of medication-assisted treatment
  • Community events that are explicitly drug and alcohol free, or specifically for people in recovery


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Human recovery capital

  • Your unique knowledge, training or education, and lived experiences that help you on your path to recovery




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